Fri May 10 @ Tractor in Seattle

Stoked to be teaming up once again with the mighty Quid Quo for their record release, Circle Walks in Circles! Also bringing the noise is Blast Cells. Come to The Sunset Friday May 10, and rearrange your brain waves!

Get on our level.

Ticket link here:

Also, just to plug their banger of a record a bit… preorders available here:

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March 30 – Tim’s Tavern Anniversary in White Center, WA

On March 30th we are headlining Tim’s Tavern’s 1 Year Anniversary in their new home in White Center! The festival is from 3/29-30, and we are on night two (Saturday). We had a blast last time at this new spot, if you haven’t rolled through yet, come check it out!

Sat 12/16 at Tim’s Tavern

Hey all!

This great show is coming up at Tim’s Tavern in White Center.

Patrons of Husbandry is Rusty of Flop/Pure Joys new band and they are great!

The Shaking Fists feature Randall from the legendary Bali Girls!

It’s gonna be a hella of a night! Tim’s Tavern is all ages until 10pm too!


Poster by Karri Peery:

Live track to be released on Crocodile LP compilation

Hey! This has been in the works for a long time, and excited to see it come to fruition. Jim Anderson is the longtime Crocodile sound guy/engineer, and one the greatest Seattle treasures you can name. He recorded a massive archive of shows during an impressive run at the original location of the Crocodile and other places. Plus, he’s a good friend. We listened to several of the Kinski shows over the years and picked a track we liked best for inclusion to this upcoming 2LP vinyl release from the years of 2004-2007. It’s called “Live at The Crocodile Cafe: Back to Belltown.” Thanks to Pete Greenberg for organizing all this goodness.

Check this link for details and ways to support this release by prepurchasing and/or getting a poster. Plus, proceeds from this release will go to support Planned Parenthood and Transplant House.

The release show is Saturday January 13th, 2024. You’ll be hearing about it a bunch soon.

Fall Seattle show @ The Sunset Fri Sep 22

Might be the only show of the Fall! First time playing with our buds The Purrs. And Sun Atoms are coming up from Portland to round out the bill.

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