Live track to be released on Crocodile LP compilation

Hey! This has been in the works for a long time, and excited to see it come to fruition. Jim Anderson is the longtime Crocodile sound guy/engineer, and one the greatest Seattle treasures you can name. He recorded a massive archive of shows during an impressive run at the original location of the Crocodile and other places. Plus, he’s a good friend. We listened to several of the Kinski shows over the years and picked a track we liked best for inclusion to this upcoming 2LP vinyl release from the years of 2004-2007. It’s called “Live at The Crocodile Cafe: Back to Belltown.” Thanks to Pete Greenberg for organizing all this goodness.

Check this link for details and ways to support this release by prepurchasing and/or getting a poster. Plus, proceeds from this release will go to support Planned Parenthood and Transplant House.

The release show is Saturday January 13th, 2024. You’ll be hearing about it a bunch soon.