Pre-Order “Cosy Moments” on colored vinyl or CD!


Just wanted to let those interested know that you can pre-order the new Kinski album, “Cosy Moments”.  It’s coming out on vinyl, cd and digital download.

The first 100 copies of the vinyl are on colored vinyl!!


LP –
CD –

more info here:

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Get Conflict Free Diamonds

Hey everyone.  Here are some direct links to the new single, Conflict Free Diamonds.  The Bandcamp one is downloadable!  So you can take that out on your evening jog with your widescreen tabletop convertible mobile pod.


Hear new Kinski single!

Hey There,

Here’s the first single from the new Kinski record, “Cosy Moments” which comes out April 2nd.  Click the first link below to hear the song.

More to come soon!


*UPDATE: if you are having trouble with the sound file, click here.  Because you know… computers!