Portland this Saturday w/ Summer Cannibals ~ July 28th

Endless Summer continues. Dropping into Portland this Saturday.

Come check us out!

w/ Summer Cannibals and Ex-Kids @ Mississippi Studios.


Capitol Hill Block Party – THIS SAT @ 6:30!

We are chuffed to be returning to Capitol Block Party this Saturday.  Does anyone say chuffed?  Brits or something? I like that word – chuffed.

What? Oh right, it’s stupid — stop using it, got it.

Moving on… So.. SATURDAY. Grab a ticket (it’s hard to jump the fences now) and if you can brave the heat and carve through those crowds, get some complimentary sunglasses with dayglo frames, try to score some intoxicants if that’s your jam (won’t be hard), make some impromptu friends (or… “friends”)  in surprising places, and come inside to NEUMOS at 6:30.

Click the pic or hit this –

Drink lots of water. I head the electrolyte shit works wonders depending on the proclivities of the day.

Kinski at Capitol Hill Block Party

West Seattle Summerfest – Fri. 7/13

Kinski are playing the West Seattle Street Fair on Friday July 13th. We go on at 8:30 pm. And it’s free!