Guest Girl Vocalist – From Accustomed to Your Face (Kill Rock Stars, 2018)

Drink Up and Be Somebody – From 7 (or 8) (Kill Rock Stars, 2015)

I Fell Like A Fucking Flower – From 7 (or 8) (Kill Rock Stars, 2015)

Let Me Take You Through My Thought Process – From Cosy Moments (Kill Rock Stars, 2013)

Punching Goodbye Up Front – from Down Below It’s Chaos (Sub Pop, 2007)

Crybaby Blowout (live) – from “Burn to Shine, Vol. 5″ Video, 2007

The Wives of Artie Shaw – From Alpine Static (Sub Pop, 2005)

The Snowy Parts of Scandinavia Live in NYC, 2003 or 2004

Rhode Island Freakout – from Airs Above Your Station (Sub Pop, 2002)