Full Performance (Live on KEXP from Avast! Studios) (live on KEXP, from Avast! studios. Jan 17, 2019.  Songs: Semaphore – 1:05, Kinski 101 – 6:05, Guest Girl Vocalist – 17:32, A Nap Is A Slice Of The World – 19:22

Guest Girl Vocalist – From Accustomed to Your Face (Kill Rock Stars, 2018)

Drink Up and Be Somebody – From 7 (or 8) (Kill Rock Stars, 2015)

I Fell Like A Fucking Flower – From 7 (or 8) (Kill Rock Stars, 2015)

Let Me Take You Through My Thought Process – From Cosy Moments (Kill Rock Stars, 2013)

Punching Goodbye Up Front – from Down Below It’s Chaos (Sub Pop, 2007)

Crybaby Blowout (live) – from “Burn to Shine, Vol. 5″  Video, 2007

Crybaby Blowout (again) – this time from Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on 9/14/07. By Kevin Jones.

Schedule for Using Pillows and Beanbags (live) aka “The Popcorning of Kinski”
Kinski gets pranked onstage by the band Tool and their crew. This was on the last night opening for Tool’s 10,000 Days tour.  Verizon Center, Birmingham, Alabama, May 26, 2007

The Wives of Artie Shaw – From Alpine Static (Sub Pop, 2005)

The Snowy Parts of Scandinavia Live at the Bowery Ballroom, NYC CMJ Sub Pop Showcase – Sept 17 2005.

Rhode Island Freakout – from Airs Above Your Station (Sub Pop, 2002)