A Clear Day and No Memories

We had a weird year. But Kinski and US/UK artist Jim Hobbs did a cool collaboration with “A Clear Day and No Memories,” an intense multi-media installation at Jack Straw New Media Gallery in Seattle. Shit was fucked up, brohs. But very slick. Thanks Jim!!

Music was recorded and released as limited edition vinyl (389 copies). Since the installation consisted of turntables playing both sides of the record simultaneously as well as numerous film loops that Jim created, you would need two copies of the record and two turntables if you wanted to re-create the vibe.

If you can’t find either two records or two turntables, the record included a silkscreen print by Jim and a digital download coupon for both sides of the vinyl as well as a digital only mix of both sides of the vinyl playing at the same time! Just like the installation!

A CLEAR DAY AND NO MEMORIES, Variation No. 3 (Internet Version) from Jim Hobbs on Vimeo.

Here’s a great Seattle Times review that breaks it down nicely:

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