2001 pic of the band

Our third year found us recording the basic tracks for a third album.

Towards the end of the year, we snagged an opening slot with The Fall at The Crocodile. Matthew tried to buddy up to Mark E Smith but he wasn’t having it. As he later told Huw Stephens during a recording for a live session for BBC One in London, “He wasn’t very friendly, but then I don’t blame him. I did go a bit over the top like an over-excited teenager!”

We recorded the basic tracks to “Airs Above Your Station”.  We then went to Japan for the first time and toured with Acid Mothers Temple. We played with legends like Masonna, with his band Christine 23 Onna, and Hiroshi Nar from Les Rallizes Denudes. It was in December and freezing cold but we had a great time.

Here’s a taste of Christine 23 Onna here:

Check out a (thoroughly insane) clip of Masonna here:

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