Kinski got to work on their next album doing some demos with Jak McKool in his basement, and went back to San Francisco to record with Phil Manley (Trans Am/Life Coach) once again in August.

Once again, James Joyce entered our purview, as we were called up to adapt a passage of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. The release was put out for the project, Waywords and Meansigns: Recreating Finnegans Wake [in its whole wholume] as we joined 300 people from 15 different countries (“an all-star cast of weirdos”), setting the supremely odd and somewhat impenetrable prose of Finnegan’s Wake to music. Morna Reid-Schwartz (Matthew’s mom) admirably and ably read the words over a band improvision. An unusual project for sure, but we were pleased with the results!

The band needed to pinch itself when they found out that they’d have the opportunity to play another legendary (and definitely not abusing the word) band: Los Dug Dug’s from Mexico!!!!! They began in the 60’s and are one of our all time favorite groups. The show was part of NW PsychFest at The Sunset Tavern in Seattle.

And they absolutely killed it. Gracias Los Dug Dug’s.

The Stranger wrote more about that gig here:

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