2018 – Our 20th Year!

2018 finds the band preparing to release their 8th (or 9th?) album Accustomed to Your Face. The third recording for Kill Rock Stars and the second recorded in San Fran with the great Phil Manley (Trans Am/Life Coach).

Also at the end of the year, the first ever deluxe vinyl issue of Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle!

Stay Tuned!

From Eleven PDX (Portland):

“Reverberations from a distortion-saturated past scream loudly and with power throughout the anthology that Kinski has released in a nearly twenty year time period.

As the band celebrates their 20th anniversary, they will be re-releasing a double LP version of their 2001 release, Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle, followed by an expected brand new release in 2018. This is a big year for these veteran dirt rockers from the NW.”

Also from Portland, the Williamette Weekly had this to say recently:

[STONER PUNK] Kinski’s last record, 2015’s 7 (or 8), features a few too many wah-wah solos to qualify as “punk,” but the Seattle quartet’s agile approach to stoner-rock qualifies the band for designation beyond the fuzzy chooglin’ their contemporaries often get lost in. The sneering, zero-fucks-given energy of Lemmy and Ozzy are certainly there, so why bother splitting hairs? Kinski scratches all the right spots for anyone itching for loud, fast and groovy rock that’s just heavy enough to hear above the weird noises your old Econoline 150 makes while tearing up I-5 toward sludgier pastures. -Pete Cottell.

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