Alpine Static

On July 12th, 2005, Alpine Static was released by Sub Pop on cd and double LP.

The Sub Pop blurb follows:

Over-driven and raw, countered with moments of eerie tension, Alpine Static hits you in the stomach, ties you up in flowing ‘70s scarves and throws you in the trunk with Catherine Deneuve and Steve McQueen. In other words: in here (points to head) or out there (points to rest of world), this thing will move you. Matt Olsen, a former Sub Pop employee and long time hombre about town, has this to say about the new record, “Alpine Static is easily Kinski’s most immediate and (though it pains me to employ the adjective) ‘rockin’’ record yet. If classic boogie riffs swerving beyond the purple veil sounds like your thing, by all means, BUY THIS RECORD. But what do I know? My life is a mess.”

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