Kinski contribution on James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake project

Hey, we have a treat for you all who are reading this.
Are you familiar with James Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake?”
Kinski, along with Matthew’s mother Morna Reid-Schwartz, took part (along with over 100 “writers, artists, scholars, weirdos and generally adventurous people” from 15 different countries) in setting to music James Joyce’s sprawling and unbelievably bizarre novel. Waywords and Meansigns are the people behind it, and they did an incredible job in putting it all together in time for Finnegans Wake’s 78th birthday on May 4th. Listen to it at the link below.  123 tracks spanning 19 hours 23 minutes from contributors in 15 countries, plus two artworks (Heather Ryan Kelley and Raymond Pettibon).

From the Waywords and Meansigns’ website:
With releases in 2015, 2016 and now 2017, we have created some 70 hours of audio in total, setting the entire text of Finnegans Wake to music multiple times.”

The James Joyce Centre in Dublin calls a previous edition “31 hours, 8 minutes, 11 seconds worth of delightful strangeness.”

Check it out here:
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